My oldest dog turned 10 this year. She is doing great but is starting to slow down a bit. We  hike daily but  I know I need to prioritize  keeping  her core muscles and hind limb muscles strong as she gets older. Keeping these muscles strong will keep  her  getting  in and out of the car, going  up and down stairs safely, and going  on daily hikes with me and her much younger sibling!

As a canine physical therapist I am thrilled when owners bring their dogs come in for home exercise programs for their dogs that are getting older and want to insure that their dogs maintain their strength and mobility for as long as possible. Doing some simple exercises with your best friends can truly lengthening the time we get to enjoy having them in our lives.

Older dogs also benefit from spinal and joint mobility assessment to make sure that there is no restriction creating pain or hindering movement. Freeing up underlying restrictions can suddenly turn your older dog into a pain free version of his/her younger self!

Studies have shown that even dogs with neuromuscular diseases like Degenerative Myopathy have longer lives if they have participated with a Canine Physical therapy program.