rosemary-and-crewI  am delighted to offer animal rehabilitation services as part of my practice!  I have been approved by the State of Colorado to practice physical therapy with animals and I am certified in canine rehabilitation.

My animal practice includes therapeutic exercise, neurological rehabilitation, manual therapy techniques and owner education and cold laser, and PEMF.  Animals carry many compensation patterns in their bodies  in a  variety of tissues including their muscles, joints, organs, nervous and circulatory systems.  Assessing and treating these tissue patterns with physical  therapy can significantly decrease animal’s pain and restore normal movement  throughout their spine and limbs.

Symptoms that particularly benefit from rehabilitation  include limping, painful joints, tendinitis, spine or joint alignment issues, spinal pain, muscle weakness, neurological conditions, inflammation and  atrophy.

Treatment sessions for your animal are specifc to your pet’s condition and needs.  We will discuss your goals and  include specific home exercise program,  manual therapy, and  owner education as indicated.

I love working with geriatric animals, whose muscle atrophy and weakness can benefit greatly from rehabilitation.   Gentle manual therapy techniques, individualized exercise programs, and recommendations for changes around your home can make their lives( and yours) easier. Diagnosing the underlying cause of limping is the first step in returning your pet to a pain-free, active life. I enjoy assessing the limp and utilizing manual therapy and exercises to return your pet to it’s active, pain-free life .     I also have a great interest in neurological animals who benefit from neuro-rehabilitation techniques to maximize their strength and function.

Animals can be seen at my office or home visits can be arranged.  Sessions do require a health clearance from your veterinarian, which I am happy to help you obtain.