Rosemary Hegarty PT, APT,  CCRT

rosemaryRosemary began studying manual therapy in 1986, after graduating from the University of Colorado Health Science Center with a B.S. in physical therapy and receiving her physical therapy license from the State of Colorado.  She worked as an inpatient and outpatient physical therapist in Denver and Boulder before opening her private physical therapy practice.   She has significant  training in craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, Integrative manual therapy and Lowen systems manual therapy.  In addition to practicing for 33 years, Rosemary has taught in the U.S. and internationally for Dialogues in Contemporary Rehabilitation, Therapeutics Horizons, and Biovalent Systems.

Certified in canine rehabilitation and approved by the state of Colorado to perform physical therapy on animals, Rosemary also applies her manual therapy expertise to animals, offering sessions in her home office or at  client”s  homes.  She has a lifelong passion for animals.  In addition to sharing her home with 2 dog and 2 cats she has fostered hundreds of dogs and cats and continues to help animals however she can.

Her philosophy in supporting the health and well-being of others is simple: She strives to do her best to ensure that her clients are able to enjoy the best possible lifestyle, whether they walk on 2 legs or 4!