As a physical therapist that specializes in  manual therapy, my goal is to resolve your pain and support you in returning to your normal  level of physical activity with even greater vitality and energy that you experienced before.  I am also committed to helping you understand and stay aware of what created the pain you have experienced so that you can prevent its recurrence.  Treatment will consist of a combination of manual therapy techniques with an inclusion of self care education and home exercise program.

At your initial evaluation I will assess where your body is holding tension or where there is a lack of movement in your body that is creating the symptoms you have.  Listening to your symptoms and what is happening with your body is very important to me.

Treatment consists of a combination of manual therapy techniques, all of which are very gentle and are  appropriate for adults as well as children.  The sessions are specifically designed to release tension in your body in ways that invite rapid shifts in your pain and activity levels.  My treatments also include self-care education and home exercise programs.

I have also added Cold Laser – 3B to my practice. Laser is amazing modality to decrease inflammation and help promote healing.  It is useful for chronic and acute injuries as well as skin lesions.

My fees for physical therapy sessions are $100/hour for adults and $80/hour for children under 6.  I offer a free pediatric screening for infants under 6 months of age.